How do you edit an Adobe doc.

  oo7juk 15:39 19 Aug 2005

Have a Adobe doc, bur would like to edit a few words. I have saved the doc, but can't seem to edit it?

Many thanks.

  VoG II 15:57 19 Aug 2005

Do you have Adobe Acrobat?

  Batch 16:01 19 Aug 2005

If by Adobe you mean an Acrobat .pdf, you won't be able to edit it directly (that's one of the reasons people use Acrobat).

The Acrobat reader that most people have installed is just that, a reader. Having said that you can usually cut and paste the information from .pdfs into something else (although the authors sometimes block this as well).

The normal way of editing Acrobat documents is to use the original source of the .pdf and the full version of Acrobat (not cheap) see click here

  palinka 16:29 19 Aug 2005

short answer : You can't (not unless you have the full program; and you'll know if you do because it will have cost you at least £100 (£200?).
Adobe Acrobat (or either of those names on its own) is just a reader - as Batch says.

  zarobian 16:41 19 Aug 2005

You could try the following;

Open the PDF file in Acrobat Reader. Copy and paste the file into Microsoft word. You will now be able to edit it.

  ventanas 16:50 19 Aug 2005

And to resave as a pdf use something like this click here although there are some free offerings around such as click here

pdf995 - its free and has pdf writing and edit software for download.

The 995 refers to the price (in $) if you decide you want some additional bells and whistles - like getting rid of some ads - when being used it requests IE to go to their website, but all you do is cancel - works very well


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