How do you do a Ping Test ?

  Giggle n' Bits 15:10 08 Jan 2005

Been asked to run a Ping test. Ok but how ?
Tried a Google search but nothing that seems like a instruction how to do it.

  spruce 15:14 08 Jan 2005

go to start - run
type in cmd

type ping and you will get the results you require

  mrdsgs 15:16 08 Jan 2005

open a command prompt by going to start/run and type "cmd" (no exclamation marks) then hit return.

a black box will open

type ping "name of computer" (as above) then return

this should lead to a display that shows network connection details


  Giggle n' Bits 15:22 08 Jan 2005

Thing is when I do the Ping test what do I look for.

Do I look for anything so simple as Pass or Fail ? Yes/NO

I did a Ping test 6 years ago once but forgotten how and what to look for.

Ta agian for the call.

  AndySD 15:29 08 Jan 2005
  recap 15:36 08 Jan 2005

click here for definitions of ping

  Giggle n' Bits 21:26 08 Jan 2005

Thanks AndySD & recap also.

Seems to be a line fault somewhere as BT change there minds. Now they admit a temporary fault.

  spruce 00:21 16 Feb 2005

Hi Audio

talking about trouble with bt

my mate has just installed his router to
get bt broadband (against my advice I may
add), but the free router may have played
a part in it.

well he tried for ages to get his connection,
but no joy.

He was told he had to un-install his Norton
anti virus as that was probably the cause of
the problems. Hope Norton don't find out about
this, the biggest anti virus company having a
problem that bt state is a problem with their software.

Then having uninstalled it and installed AVG still no luck.

Despite a monumental amount of phone calls (approx 1 hour for a each telephone call to be answered) he was old it was the dns settings.

This was after a ping test had been done and the the internet was accessed by using IP addresses rather than the dns server.

This was only disclosed after BT were told that the account was going to be cancelled.

For gods sake BT stop being a arse and help your clients, this is not the first time I have known major problems with BT.

  LeedsLass 08:06 16 Feb 2005

Hi. Sorry to butt in here, but how do you know/find out the name of the computer you want to ping? Ta

  bobbybowls 08:36 16 Feb 2005

type ipconfig into the pc you want to ping to get the ip address, or type in an web address ie www,

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