how do you delete from your hard drive

  mammak 15:58 09 Jun 2003

I just wondered as i have heard so many people say about it,i do know that alough you delete even from the bin, it is still lying in your hard drive.

  Totally-braindead 16:03 09 Jun 2003

It is true this is how some of these information retrieval programs work in case of accidently deleting the wrong thing. The data you delete is still on the hard drive until the area on the hard disk it is on is written over by another program.

  mammak 16:07 09 Jun 2003

so there is no real need to bother with it, unless it,s a nastie or somthing, and thanks for your quick response

  -pops- 16:11 09 Jun 2003

It's far more difficult to delete than is often realised and even after overwriting it is possible sometimes to still read what is on teh disk. There is software available (not to the public) that can see all sorts of things ostensibly deleted from hard drives. Have a look at this click here

The only way to be absolutely certain information is removed is to either incinerate the drive or take it apart and scrub the writing surfaces with steel wool.


  mammak 16:25 09 Jun 2003

-pops- thanks for your response, i had a read of click here, it,s amazing is it not that things on your drive can never really go, dont think i will bother with steel wool though, thanks again.

  Diemmess 16:47 09 Jun 2003

Back even in pre-windows days, there were simple un-delete programs.

As has been said "deleting" merely removes one character from the "index", and so the operating system loses the reference to this file............. The oldest undelete programs listed the files it found with missing first characters, and left it to you to type the missing letter/number.

This would only work for very recent deletions, because any newly saved files often were recorded on this "space" on this disk, regardless of where the operator might think they would be.

There is no reason to believe that this has changed except files, disks and O/Ss are all much much bigger than they were.

  1514 19:24 09 Jun 2003

click here If you want to clean things from your hard drive

  mammak 21:26 09 Jun 2003

Thanks to you all folk,s "1514" donloaded notrax but cant seem too workout how to work it

  woody147 23:05 09 Jun 2003

if you don't like the incineration or steel wool idea you could also try dropping it into shark infested water or throwing it from a tall building with a heavy weight attached.

  SGT BARNES 23:53 09 Jun 2003

"""There is software available (not to the public) that can see all sorts of things ostensibly deleted from hard drives"""

dont know if you know this but this sort of software is available to download from

its not that hard to find if you know what your looking for

  -pops- 06:30 10 Jun 2003

If you look at the site I referred to above you will see there are different grades available. Several are for general use and thus obtainable by anyone. If you scroll further down the page there are special grades for law enforcement agencies which are not available to the general public.


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