How do you customise the System Properties window

  Giggle n' Bits 00:34 07 Feb 2005

in WinXP Home, where you right click the My Computer and select properties you get a window which comes up showing win XP SP2, CPU, Memory etc.

Does anyone know a site which shows you how to add the name of the comptuer. Not your private name but the system manufacturer name. Cos I built it myself.

  igk 00:56 07 Feb 2005

I should imagine that your answer lies in the registry settings.

  Kev.Ifty 00:57 07 Feb 2005

Not sure what you mean, but i think this may be the START/SETTINGS/CONTROL PANEL.

Then select Performance and Maintenance.

Then click on 'See basic information about your computer!

In the new window, click the Computer Name TAB.

In the 'Computer Name' option you can change the description of your computer.


  Night Ryder 00:58 07 Feb 2005

If I understand corretly. What yo must do is right click on My computer. Then click computer mame. Click on change and rename your choice. The computer will require a re boot but will have the new mame you gave it.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:22 07 Feb 2005

where you see on some machines the manufactures name like Dell, Packard Bell etc, in the windows which show the CPU type, Memory, Windows XP SP2 etc.

Its not the name of the owner you type in when you install windows.

If you look in System Infomation it shows System Manufacturer which is under System Name. Its the System Manufacturer I want to Change to my name.

  JIM 01:23 07 Feb 2005

Are you requiring name that Identifies your full computer name on the network.When you right click the My Computer and select properties ?

As igk suggests,quite a few changes to be done in the registry or a do format and clean-install. (Last one a tad extreme for personal satisfaction. :)

  Giggle n' Bits 01:28 07 Feb 2005

in that window.

  JIM 01:41 07 Feb 2005

Do the following as a pratice to see if
you can follow.

Run, regedit,go to edit find type in box enter the followiing ComputerName as FIND NEXT and wait to see what pos up.Left and right paine to alter the name to what-ever.

you will have to press F3 a few times To bring
others to change. Many so you may have to reboot to bring up all others. Back up your registry irst.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:52 07 Feb 2005

the Computer Name - Description entry whic is not the same.

  Giggle n' Bits 02:04 07 Feb 2005

in regedit, search Windows Update, OemInfo and its there in the right hand pane it goes but how is it a String, Value ? Would of thaught someone would have a Text file to edit and put in.

Anyone else shine a light on how to edit this

  Giggle n' Bits 13:08 07 Feb 2005

Do I search in the C: drive or Registry ?
Tried that and oeminfo.ini doesn't come up.

I did get a notepad file once which I used to edit Win98Se but that was years ago. Wish I could find it again.

So still trying to solve this.

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