How do you create a Hotmail account?

  skeletal 22:19 06 Dec 2003

This looks like the silliest question tonight, given a close by thread says "it's easy to create one"!!

I am trying to create a Hotmail account because a site wants an email account, but publishes it for all the spammers to see!!

When I try to create the account, every time I try to "send it" I keep getting asked to enter a new email address "the part before". I have tried about 20 letter and number combinations close to my name, without success; including a random set of letters and numbers that I could not hope to remember! Thus it cannot be that someone else has chosen this random set (OK extremely unlikely!).

Any ideas?


  AubreyS 22:33 06 Dec 2003

Is it this site that you tried? click here

  skeletal 00:03 07 Dec 2003

Um...nearly! I actually went to, which had all the login stuff, but your link took me straight to a page which said "Your Web browser options are currently set to disable cookies." etc. This is a bit odd as I thought I had cookies enabled at a security level (med) that told me if I wanted a cookie.

Even odder is that I was thinking of increasing the level of security as i am always getting "spyware" cookies without notification.

So it looks like unwanted ones can get in easily and undetected, but ones I want may be blocked without me knowing!!!

I'll try to register now, with a lower setting and see what happens. You have set me on another track AubreyS!!! May go to bed soon though.



  skeletal 00:12 07 Dec 2003

Nope! Just reset to the lowest cookie level and still no go. Interestingly I got a security warning as I tried to get on site (too dogged to write it down...must go to bed!).

The link always tells me I don't have cookies enabled, irrespective of setting.

Will try again tomorrow!


  skeletal 19:38 07 Dec 2003

I've just been to the hotmail site and created an account in seconds...probably why people think it's easy!!

Not so easy is PCA's site! Having great difficulty tonight, worse than dial-up.

I have switched to Mozilla for both the Hotmail registration and trying to get onto PCA. IE would not work at all (but did last night on PCA!).

AubreyS, I have done nothing to the cookie security for today's attempt!

Don't know what's going on, but I have done what I was after so will tick the box.


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