How do you copy Outlook Express e-mails to restore

  BlueMeanie 21:17 19 Sep 2003

Problems with a PC running XP home infected with Virii, Worms - now removed (I think, BLASTER Nimda etc)

The TINY PC runs very, very slowly and several functions are useless ie Internet access, cut & paste, new hardware detection, etc etc.

My colleague to desperate to keep her documents and e-mails previously received. I have finally copied the contents of "My Documents" to another installed Hard Drive (FAT32) but I do not know the location of the folder containing her e-mails !

Firstly - where are/how do you "export" the e-mails and how do you restore the files when Windows XP is retored.

Secondly - The TINY restore CD - will it need a XP licence number as her documentation contains no mention of the product key! Or a good program to detect the Product key to restore the system, the utility I have only works on Win9X.

The RESTORE CD will not work on another Hard Drive as it claims files on the new Hard Drive are not present. The present PC has some unusual partions, which perhaps contain retore info ?

Thank in advance....The Original Blue Meanie

  Eagie 21:29 19 Sep 2003

You can just drag e-mail messages from their folders in outlook into another folder on your computer and then back up that folder. Then all you have to do is the reverse procedure to restore them - ie drag them from the folder into your inbox etc.

  Audeal 21:33 19 Sep 2003

Try Genie Outlook Express Backup. Backs up everything.
A bit pricey but worth every penny.
click here

Outlook -

Go to File - Import and Export and then Export to file. You want to create a .pst file and browse to a memorable location to save it. follow the wizzard until the backup is complete and then write the backup to CD or similar. Reinstallation is the same but restore is "Import from file" and the file you want is, (of couse) a .pst file. Browse to the location you stored it etc.

Tiny restore CD - no product key required as the software is, as you correctly point out, locked to that drive and therefore cannot be copied to another PC.

Restore CD not working on another hard drive is precisely what you have deduced - the necessary files are indeed locked away in a hidden partition and the restore CD only gains access to these and restores them. Again, restore CD is NOT a copy of XP at all.

  BlueMeanie 01:07 20 Sep 2003


Now copied some e-mails to a floppy disk. Only took one hour for Outlook express to open up.....

Will try to restore PC tomorrow.

This is the first PC to get the better of me, I need to restore my Street-Cred, as otherwise my paying-hobby customers will desert me, and I will have to restore to DIY and the bathroom still needs decorating. It only took me five years to retile the wall.

Will let you know tomorrow how I have progressed, after I have been to the local computer fair, for my fix !

  temp003 05:16 20 Sep 2003

Since you've copied the individual emails already, you may not want to do this all over again, but you may still want to know for future reference.

All the Outlook Express 6 folders and their contents are .dbx files stored at C:\Documents and Settings\[Username]\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\[string of numbers and letters]\Microsoft\Outlook Express folder, where [username] is the name of the user account (such as Administrator or the actual user name).

The "Local Settings" folder is hidden. You need to enable "Show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options, View, in order to see it.

Create a new folder called OE Backup in the other hard drive. Copy all the contents of the above "Outlook Express" folder to the OE Backup folder.

After reinstalling XP, and setting up the email account(s), in OE, click File, Import, Messages. Select Microsoft Outlook Express 6. click next. Then select "Import Mail from an OE6 store directory". Click OK. Then browse to the OE Backup folder. Highlight the OE Backup folder, click OK, click Next, and follow the prompts to import the messages back into OE itself.

(Another way is close OE first, then simply copy the contents of the OE Backup folder back to the new C:\Documents and Settings\Local Settings\...\Outlook Express folder, replacing all files in that folder. Then open OE again to see the old folders and messages.)

The difference with this method is all the emails appear back in the new OE itself, instead of individually saved emails.

On product key (if you need it), for OEM versions of Windows, there's often a Microsoft sticker or label stuck to the computer tower somewhere, called a certificate of authenticity, with the product key. If you can't find the sticker, click here and see if that helps.

  Enoch 06:02 20 Sep 2003

Very simply===On Outlook Express-->File-->Export-->Messages. You will then find all your email messages copied into the same titled folders in Microsoft Outlook. Then backup onto whatever you use

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