How do you convert AVI to DVD or MPEG?

  shaneoneill 22:14 18 Aug 2005

anyone any idea??

  wobblymike 22:30 18 Aug 2005

I do a lot of video editing and I use avi2vcd to convert from avi to MPEG. You will be able to find it via google can't remember if it was free or not - Ithink it was but it was a while ago. Anyway it does the job perfectly

  keith-236785 23:08 18 Aug 2005

avi2dvd is not free software, it is a free trial and needs to be bought after the initial trial ends.

wait for others to come on, some ppl before have mentioned other free progs but i cant remember them.

i use Ulead DVD movie factory but it isnt free.

  Pooke 23:10 18 Aug 2005

winAVI is a good one. fast and efficient, but ya have to pay.

  Completealias 00:18 19 Aug 2005

This program will convert your avi files to vob's which you can then burn to dvd it is free click here

  wobblymike 09:13 19 Aug 2005

re paperman27 comment above I believe avi2dvd may have to be bought but avi2vcd appears to be free, I have just downloaded it again and it appears to be the full monty.

  Al94 12:33 19 Aug 2005

No problem doing it in Nero 6.

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