How do you connect a netgear wireless router to the internet?

  destan 08:11 25 Jan 2012

A colleague has got a single channel BT broadband connection, proper old, his employers have sent him a netgear wireless router. He has connected the router to the telephone socket but can not get broadband connectivity, it asks for an ISP ID and logon. Now, call me stupid but is that the details for his BT connection? If he has lost his ID and password, whom should he speak to. I ask this as I seem to get asked these questions which I am willing to put on this forum as I know there are thousands of Tech savy users here.

  Ian in Northampton 08:38 25 Jan 2012

This may be a silly question, but: he does have an ISP, doesn't he? And a broadband account?

If he does, then he will have a user name and password that he needs to enter into the router in order to connect to the Internet via that ISP.

And if he's forgotten them, he needs to speak to someone at his ISP.

  destan 08:44 25 Jan 2012

Ian, thanks, I thought it may be as simple as that and have asked him to speak to both his ISP and his companies supposed IT department. Cheers

  Secret-Squirrel 08:45 25 Jan 2012

"it asks for an ISP ID and logon........."

Setting up a router for the BT broadband service should be dead easy because the login details are the same for all users:

Username: [email protected]

Password: None required (if the router insists on one then you should type in password)

The BT network authenticates using the telephone number hence the generic username and password.

  onthelimit1 08:47 25 Jan 2012

He just needs to ring BT - they will ask some security questions then reset the password. The username is usually

[email protected]

  Secret-Squirrel 08:53 25 Jan 2012

destan, I setup routers for BT users all the time so there's no need to phone BT - just get him to enter those ISP login details into his Netgear.

  destan 09:41 25 Jan 2012

Secret Squirell et al, Thanks for your information. I will attempt to sort the router tomorrow with all the details you have provided and will post the result. Again


  Secret-Squirrel 18:11 25 Jan 2012

"I will attempt to sort the router tomorrow ......."

OK then - to make the setup as easy as possible for you, run the Netgear setup CD and answer the simple questions. Or if you prefer to use the browser-based interface, click on "Setup Wizard" top-left of the screen then tell the wizard to automatically detect the connection type. If you do choose the latter option then make sure you secure the wireless network with a strong password.

  destan 08:21 23 Feb 2012

Thanks for your replies, I am still waiting for my colleague to bring in the router and disc.

Thanks Secret-Squirrel I will use the info once I have the hardware back.

Again, thanks all for your assistance. Stan.

  Roger Evens 12:06 23 Feb 2012

I have recently installed a new netgear router. The isp connection is made using the user name as described by Network-Squirrel.

The password is printed on the base of the router.

So my user name is [email protected] and my password is as printed on the bottom of the router.

  Roger Evens 12:08 23 Feb 2012

Sorry should have said Secret-Squirrel

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