How do you check cpu temperature?

  window man 06:33 03 Jan 2003
  window man 06:33 03 Jan 2003

I keep seeing people talking about their cpu temperature. How do you check it?

  vinnyT 06:45 03 Jan 2003

You could try a utility such as mbprobe (free) at

click here

or there are plenty of others, just look in the download section of this site.

  y_not 06:50 03 Jan 2003

As your system boots up most (but not all) display the case and CPU temp and fan speeds.

As VinnyT says if you want to keep a check on the temp download one of the small software programmes that will monitor it for you.

  window man 06:55 03 Jan 2003

Thank you vinnyT
I just downloaded it and got it flashing red on the motherboard part with a temp of 60. Does this mean i have a problem? Everything is running fine.

  window man 07:07 03 Jan 2003

My cpu temp is also showing -47. What does this mean?

  Tog 07:29 03 Jan 2003

Utilities that monitor temperatures work by interrogating a chip fitted to the motherboard. Not all utilities work with all the different chips so you may just need to find a compatible utility. Go to the website where you got the download and follow the techinfo link for a list of compatible motherboards, if yours isn't there you may need to use a different one. If you have a look in the PCA download section they will probably have one or two.

  window man 07:41 03 Jan 2003

Thanks Tog
I downloaded another version and it shows o rpm on my cpu fan and my motherboard temp up to 57. Does the cpu fan spin all the time? Does it sound like i need a new fan? Everything seems to be running fine!

  Tog 07:59 03 Jan 2003

CPU fans usually spin all the time, if your's had truly stopped then I would expect your PC to have locked up or fried by now. Have a look at the instructions for the utility and make sure you have set it up correctly.

You can usually find CPU temps and some fan speeds displayed in the BIOS. Most motherboards I have had can be set to shut down or sound a warning if the temp rises too high. If you have it in the BIOS, look at what the temperature and fan speed limits have been set to for an idea of the safe tolerances.

  window man 08:23 03 Jan 2003

Thanks Tog
How do i get into the bios?

  shu shu 09:14 03 Jan 2003

Try "Motherboard Monitor" from click here (free) or its on one of the cover discs of Jan PC Format.
Good luck.

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