how do unsupported programs pose a risk

  MJS WARLORD 10:23 04 Dec 2016

I have been a geek for 14 years but never understood how a program that stops being supported poses a security risk. Until somebody hacks a pc they wont even know what you have on it but by that time they will already have got in. Example ... I use microsoft office home and student 2007 and microsoft say next year no more support so how can i be putting myself at risk. Am i supposed to go out and spend £114 on the latest version . If the answer to that is yes it sucks becausei only use word in the package.

  Archonar 09:22 05 Dec 2016

People regularly find bugs in software that can be exploited and used to gain access to a computer, usually these are reported to the company and the company patches them in an update which removes the vulnerability. If a company stops supporting a program then they will no longer patch the vulnerabilities and so if bugs are found then they can be exploited.

The 'hacker' does not necessarily have to know that you have the vulnerable program, they may just try using the exploit on your pc to see if they get lucky. You're probably safe since the chance of it happening is very low, but the company has to warn you so that they aren't liable if someone does hack your pc through the unsupported program.

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