how do they send viruses

  carlinglover 18:45 06 May 2004

we have had 4 emails in 1 day containibg a virus.. how on earth do these fools send a virus without infecting their own pc...thankfully our anti virus picks them all up but jeeze wot drives these people

  Gaz 25 18:53 06 May 2004

They release these viruses to compete with friends: Who can get the highest listing on Symantec? Who can get on the news? etc.

Its good that you are running an up-to-date virus scanner. The viruses are set to spread themselves, so once the ball is rolling thats it.

For more information on protecting your computer and latest viruses see: click here

  end 19:12 06 May 2004

??isnt it pathetic and rather childish behaviour???? (or, am I "missing the point")....create something that is valuable and works and is very useful , and some bright spark wants to sod it up......

  Gaz 25 19:17 06 May 2004

Yep, thats corrent end, it is pathetic.

But, long as we keep our sheilds up then they cannot win.

  Forum Editor 19:30 06 May 2004

(as opposed to the script kiddies who jump on the bandwagon) are a strange breed indeed. They gain satisfaction from knowing they've created something that beats the system, that causes havoc, and above all else - that disrupts big commercial concerns. Such people don't think in the same way as you and I, they're the ones who believe the big companies are intent on cheating them (ripping them off, as they put it) and they care little for rational argument. You'll find them ranting away in obscure web forums about 'fat cats' and how the humble citizen doesn't stand a chance against the big,bad world of business.

During the day these men (they're almost always men)may do perfectly normal jobs, and to all intents and purposes appear as average members of society - they don't all sit in trailer parks wearing back to front baseball caps, eating endless KFC and calling each other 'dude'. Like many hard-core football thugs, virus writers may be lawyers or accountants - only turning to the 'dark side' in their spare time. Their external facade of normality is one of the things that can make them so difficult to catch.

Whatever the truth, one thing's for certain - they're the scourge of the Internet, and seem quite unmoved by the thought of the misery and finacial damage they inflict on the rest of us. I despise them because of the way they skulk in the cyber shadows like the cowardly nonentities they are - incapable of making any meaningful contribution to society, intent only on destroying what others have worked hard to create.

I make no apology for ranting on the subject - I've spent most of the past three or four days helping both business and private clients recover from the latest wave of viral disaster, and I'm decidely frazzled as a result.

  hoverman 19:36 06 May 2004

You have summed up the thoughts of us all perfectly. I couldn't have put it better.

  Bagsey 19:41 06 May 2004

I put them in the same class those idiots who destroy the area in which they live with masses of graffiti, smash bus shelters etc. They are idiots who the law seems unable to control. As usual though they are the minority who give the other people of the area a bad name.

  stalion 19:45 06 May 2004

your account of these people could become infectious F.E.

  mammak 21:48 06 May 2004

Fe well said as always'
end well said to you also because this is what these"ANIMALS" for want of a better word are doing' causing havoc with air traffic>hospitals> local councils> schools> ect the list is endless'
and what they get out of it i for one will never understand.

  TECHNODIMWIT 22:11 06 May 2004

I can`t add anything else.
I wait to see how many I have tomorrow.

  jz 22:23 06 May 2004

"virus writers may be lawyers or accountants - only turning to the 'dark side' in their spare time"

Is this just a wild guess, or do you have any evidence that people like lawyers or accountants actually do this sort of thing?

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