How do spammers do it?

  [email protected]@m 15:00 25 Nov 2003

Can it be done from one PC, or is there an office full of people loading harvested email addresses?

  Jester2K II 15:04 25 Nov 2003

One PC can send millions of e-mails an hour....

  Djohn 15:05 25 Nov 2003

Thinking of working from home [email protected]@m! ;o)

  Jester2K II 15:06 25 Nov 2003

and most addresses can be guessed or randomly generated...

Image a program generating e-mail address from a @ hotmail . com to zzzzzzzzzzzzzz @ hotmail . com and all in between....

Spammers also buy lists of addresses and load them in from a database file into the program.

Not much work

  Jester2K II 15:10 25 Nov 2003

I mean look at these...
click here

click here

click here

  [email protected]@m 15:18 25 Nov 2003

Next question:I wonder if the company selling the product does their own spamming? If so, could they be prosecuted if they're in a country where it is illegal?

  david4637 16:52 25 Nov 2003

How do spammers send you an email with a To:address like "bloggs", and when you look at the properties it also says To: bloggs?
There does not appear to be relationship between Bloggs and my email address? Thanks David

  [email protected]@m 17:01 25 Nov 2003

:-) Thanks, I've done my share of working! A gentleman of leisure now!

Thanks for the responses, I just think if we know what we are dealing with, it softens the blow.

Surely, no-one responds to these emails?

  Djohn 17:08 25 Nov 2003

I was watching a news item a couple of weeks back on the TV [email protected]@m, this guy was sat in his lounge with 4 or 5 PC's sending out "Spam" 24/7 non-stop. Reportedly from the small percentage of replies he was receiving it grossed an income of well over $300.000 [Three hundred thousand] per year! :o(

  Mike ® 17:13 25 Nov 2003

The most annoying spam that I get are those with no senders address, because my anti spam program can't be taught to reject it.

  chrishillcoat 17:56 25 Nov 2003

Solution: get a very long e-mail address! My hotmail address gets practically no spam and the username is 15 letters long (before the @). Another hotmail address I use (11 character username) gets 20 spams a day.

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