How to do a Software Update

  debbru 08:31 05 Mar 2018

I've just got an Amicroe table, model AMI-TT2 & can someone tell me where can I find Software Update

  [DELETED] 14:00 05 Mar 2018

If you mean updating the applications then it is an Android, so just click on the Play Store icon and you can update from there, but make sure you are connected to Wi-Fi otherwise it won't work.

  MJS WARLORD 14:52 05 Mar 2018

I think you asked this question on another site.

click here the way you don't need to update android based tablets , they update software and hardware known as firmware without asking you.


  debbru 02:29 06 Mar 2018

Thank you for replying. I meant how do you do a Software Update of the system

  debbru 02:30 06 Mar 2018

how do you do a Software Update of the system

  Forum Editor 08:54 06 Mar 2018


"....they update software and hardware known as firmware without asking you."

No they don't.

  Forum Editor 09:13 06 Mar 2018

Amicroe Australia, the company that distributed the TT2 tablet, ceased to exist in 2017.

I believe the tablet itself was first released in 2015, and was not well reviewed - it was very much a budget market product.

If you can find a software update option in the settings, it's worth a try, but I wouldn't bank on being successful. Obviously, the tablet will need to be connected to WiFi before you start.

  MJS WARLORD 17:22 06 Mar 2018

note to the FE .... sorry if I gave wrong information , my Samsung android does firmware updates automatically , that's when you see the little green robot that looks like a dustbin , my apps also auto update so I mistakenly thought all tablets did the same.

  Forum Editor 17:30 06 Mar 2018


Most Android devices will tell you when a system update is available, so you can consent to the download. You can enable or disable automatic updating of apps. Lots of people disable app auto-updating, so they are in control of what is downloaded, and when.

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