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How do I wipe data from Iomega hard drive?

  Nagarakshita 12:11 27 Dec 2018

I have a Desktop external had drive UBS 2.0, several years old which I haven't used for a long time. I now want to pass it on, but want to wipe the data first. How do I do this please?

  lotvic 14:16 27 Dec 2018

That won't work to securely delete files MJS WARLORD. Files can still easily be recovered with free software click here

  Forum Editor 14:24 27 Dec 2018

lotvic is right - formatting a drive does not totally erase the files.

Search for an application called DBAN and use that.

  525kev 18:34 27 Dec 2018

CCleaner has a nifty option to wipe data and it's FREE Tools-Drive Wiper-Wipe Entire Drive-Advance Overwrite 3 Passes

  David Johnson 10:03 28 Dec 2018

I really appreciate Nagarakshita that you are concerned for your personal data.

I want to recommend one Free Program & one commercial program, both have their merits & demerits.

Starting with Free Tool - DBAN without any second though, just not always happy with its GUI.

If you want to go for paid version and want to erase/wipe any particular files/folders/drive BitRaser for File is a DIY easy & powerful utility for you.

  alanrwood 10:18 28 Dec 2018

Hi MJS Warlord

A normal format simply deletes the contents of the disk records. To securely delete the data a program such as that recommended must be used. In the case of a traditional hard drive all the data must be written over several times as a single pass will not usually securely delete the actual track completely.

  Forum Editor 14:43 28 Dec 2018

"I thought formatting always over wrote data with gibberish that could only be cracked by police and security services."

That's not the case - formatting a drive removes the address tables, so you can't see the files, but the file data are not erased, or written over with gibberish. Anyone with the necessary software can recover the contents.

  wee eddie 10:13 03 Jan 2019

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