How do I view .sdw files

  jonmac 21:07 03 Jan 2005

I have a file with the extension .sdw which as far as I can see might be Star Office Suite or Open Text document. There used to be a Quick Viewer in Windows 98 which allowed you to look at such files and maybe get some text out of them but XP doesn't seem to have it. Is there a File Viewer available as a download which would do the trick?

  whybe 21:20 03 Jan 2005

I am not sure of a separate file viewer but would this help? click here

  AndySD 21:24 03 Jan 2005

click here 30 day trial

  Technotiger 21:53 03 Jan 2005

Hi, though I am not familiar with the program, I believe these are Star Writer files. If you go to AskJeeves and type in ".sdw files" without the astericks, you will probably get more info.


  jonmac 22:53 03 Jan 2005

Thanks to all. AndySD, I just couldn't get the viewer to download so I'll try again later. I'd rather have a viewer than download a full suite, meantime, but thanks whybe and Technotiger

  AndySD 23:01 03 Jan 2005
  THE TERMINATOR 23:31 03 Jan 2005

" these are called quotation marks " An asterisk is this one( * ) just for future reference....TT

  Technotiger 19:02 04 Jan 2005

Cheers mate - just getin' old :-)) or maybe too much sherry!

  Tycho 19:21 04 Jan 2005

An .sdw file is a shodow file used by a program called Folio for displaying a subset of the complete file.

Let me know if you want more information.


  THE TERMINATOR 22:26 04 Jan 2005
  Tycho 17:28 05 Jan 2005

There was more than met my eye!


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