How do I use onedrive

  ponytail 10:23 23 Nov 2014

I just tried to email some photos to my relatives in Australia but they were over the limit.There was a message from hotmail about onedrive.How do I get my photos onto onedrive and then how do I email them.

  ponytail 10:32 23 Nov 2014

Am now uploading them then find out how to send them

  alanrwood 10:34 23 Nov 2014

It would be safer to use Dropbox

  ponytail 10:41 23 Nov 2014

I did have dropbox on my laptop but does not seem to be here now.Will check it out when these photos have finished uploading

  Pine Man 11:16 23 Nov 2014

It would be safer to use Dropbox


  rdave13 11:38 23 Nov 2014

See this.

  ponytail 11:39 23 Nov 2014

Hi Pine Man I have just sent the photos using Onedrive and they seem to gone ok I gather from your reply you would prefer onedrive to dropbox and just wondered what you thought was the difference.

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