How do I use mouse keys in Vista?

  Trenny 17:12 11 Jul 2014

I have followed the directions on click here, but this is for windows 7 and doesn't appear to work in my Vista laptop. I was directed to m/enable/demos/windowsvista/mousedemo.aspx, but there is a message saying that a plugin is needed for this demo., but no further directions. Can anyone help, please?

  Woolwell 17:32 11 Jul 2014

Do you have a numeric keyboard?

  Woolwell 17:35 11 Jul 2014

It should be the same in Vista. Check Num Lock is not on. Keyboard easiere to use Vista

  Trenny 22:13 12 Jul 2014

Thank you woolwell. I have now followed quite a few of the ease of access direcions. Yes, I have a numeric keyooard, but can't get it working ie specifically - how can I use the keyboard to go from one proram icon to the next on the desktop (ie main screen)?

I have set up quite a few short-cut keys, but they don't always work eg alt+ctl+F to open Firefox.

  Woolwell 22:34 12 Jul 2014

Does this help? But more specifically to move from one icon to another: Use Windows key + D then use the arrow keys (not the number pad) to move around the icons.

  Woolwell 22:39 12 Jul 2014

With ctrl + alt + f you have to ensure that all 3 are held down at the same time. That can be tricky at times.

  Woolwell 09:58 13 Jul 2014

Thinking about access problems I wondered if you have ever tried a touchscreen. This would not work with Vista but my touch screen W8 laptop means that I don't have to use a mouse or trackpad.

  Trenny 23:00 14 Jul 2014

Thank you Woolwell. Winkey + D and using the arrow keys is real progress!

I'll have a play with one of the touch screen laptops when I am next in a computer store, but i am not sure thst it would help with my hand tremor.

Re mousekeys. I can turn it on using alt, left shift and num lock. But I can't see how to move the cursor with the numeric keyboard.One page I found on the net is eg to press 7 to go up and to the left, or to move it up press 8. I will play with this further...

  Woolwell 09:57 15 Jul 2014

You can set the speed at which the cursor moves. It may be set to too slow.

  Woolwell 09:58 15 Jul 2014

It works ok for me on W7.

  Trenny 10:36 19 Jul 2014

Woolwell. This is a steep learning curve. I seem to have lost the ability to use winkey + D to move around the desktop items. It togglesd between the open programs instead. I am following the directions in the bbc link you sent. ALSO I cannot get the mouse to move using the number pad. I may have misunderstood - Pressing /6 does absolutely nothing.

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