how do I use the forum?

  confused_alan 17:49 24 Jun 2014

I am trying to change my password for the PC Advisor Forum. I had an anonymous email from PC Advisor, and I replied to it. Since the address is [email protected] I am not hopeful of any response. Can any reader help me out?

Here is the email correspondence: Subject: Re: PC Advisor account From:
To: [email protected]; Date: Tuesday, 24 June 2014, 15:37

How do I change my password, then? Your website tells me my username and email address are already in use. I know that!

From: "[email protected]" To: Sent: Wednesday, 18 June 2014, 11:31 Subject: Re: PC Advisor account

Hi Alan Sorry its taken so long to get back to you. Is this still an issue. I managed to login as you and change your password (then changed it back).

PC Advisor

On 13 May 2014 18:19, wrote:

I have an account with your website.
I have successfully logged in.
I want to change my password by updating my profile.
Whenever I try that it asks me, not unreasonably, for my name, email address and (presumably current) password.
However, it then tells me that the email address I have entered is already registered: I  know it is, I used it to log in!
I want to keep my email address unchanged but update my password.
How do I do that?

yours frustratedly

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  john bunyan 18:58 24 Jun 2014

First it is unwise to show your e mail address here. If you click on "my profile" in top right hand corner, I believe in the password box, you can change it.

Also the message you had was labelled private and confidential, yet you copied it here - not cricket!

  lotvic 22:16 24 Jun 2014

At the top of this thread there is:

Welcome confused_alan | My Posts | View Forum Rules | Contact Forum Editor click on 'Contact Forum Editor' and tell FE your probs and he will sort them out.

  confused_alan 22:16 24 Jun 2014

Sorry about that, point taken. Just goes to show the perils of cut-and-paste!

Anyway, I tried your suggestion, it told me all the other fields were required even though it has already told me my email and username are already taken.

Any other ideas?

  bumpkin 22:34 24 Jun 2014

* I had an anonymous email from PC Advisor,*

Who do you think sent it?

Contact FE as per lotvic advice.

  confused_alan 11:43 26 Jun 2014

to bumpkin: it was anonymous in the sense of no named individual.

to lotvic: I believe I now have (some) email contact with FE.

  confused_alan 11:49 26 Jun 2014

to john bunyan: I've tried again to change my password in the My Profile page, but if I leave the other fields alone, it tells me they are all required. If I try to put in real information, it tells me my idents etc are already in use.

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