How do I use CPU Quiet Fan option

  Fried~Chips 19:01 01 May 2008

My motherboard is a ASRock 4CoreDual SATA2 Motherboard with a Intel Socket 775 E4500 Duo Core 2.2GHz CPU currently running at 29 (just powered on)

In the BIOS there is a option for the "CPU Quiet Fan" the range is from Min=45 - Max=65

What temp should I set for this or explain how I work the temp for the "Target CPU Temperature"


  MAT ALAN 19:05 01 May 2008

I assume the higher the temp setting will allow the CPU fan to run slower(making it less noisy), as your CPU fan hardly makes a noise anyway i would keep your CPU as cool as possible and probably prolong its life a bit more...

  Technotiger 19:58 01 May 2008

Hi, I have a very similar Mobo ASRock Socket 775 Extreme Core 2 Duo etc with a 3Ghz CPU. I have set my CPU fan to Slow (Quieter) ... running at 3308rpm and 49.5 C. When on Fast it was a bit noisy.
My temperature range is the same as yours - the default being 50 C.

  Fried~Chips 20:01 01 May 2008

its running at 34c with the side panel off. I have the option to set the quiet fan option to 45 - 65 max & need to know what level I should set it too.


  MAT ALAN 20:04 01 May 2008

If the fan isn't noisy, leave it as it is, if you feel the need to set it to anything, set it to the coolest in the range you have available....

  Technotiger 20:09 01 May 2008

With the side off it will run hotter - not a good idea.

As MAT ALAN says, if it is not noisy, leave it as is - but with the side on.

  Technotiger 20:13 01 May 2008

34c seems a bit cool for a CPU, are you sure that is not just the internal case temperature. My internal case temperature is 34c.

  Fried~Chips 20:23 01 May 2008

its a OEM HSF cos I broke 2 of the plastic lugs on the Intel HSF.

So yep it is loud but current temp is cool.

  Fried~Chips 20:24 01 May 2008

& MAT ALAN, I still don't understand which temp I should set it as so

  Fried~Chips 20:25 01 May 2008


  Technotiger 20:33 01 May 2008

Just leave it at the default setting, it will not make a lot of difference, if any.

Thanks for the Thanks, anyway. Cheers.

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