How do I upload my pictures to my website?

  bassfreeker 12:10 20 Apr 2004

I am creating a website with Macromedia Dreamweaver. I have a few pictures stored on my hard-drive that are in my website. When I upload the pages to ftp the pictures don't show on the web! what am I doing wrong? I am a website novice incidentally!

p.s this is the same with fonts

  stlucia 13:42 20 Apr 2004

Presuming that the photos display correctly when you test the site offline on your PC, it could be that your references to the picture files are pointing to the specific drive and folder where you've got them on your PC (e.g. d:\mypics\mypic.jpg) which doesn't exist on your ftp site.

  bassfreeker 14:06 20 Apr 2004

Yes, I think you are correct. I have created a file in my ftp area called 'Images' and copied all the picture files into there. They still don't show up online. How do I correctly refer to them when designing the page. thanks

  stlucia 14:46 20 Apr 2004

The layout of your folders on your PC should be the same as on your ftp site, otherwise Dreamweaver will probably create incorrect references. Have you got your images in an Images folder on your PC, directly beneath the folder where your actual pages are?

I find that the easiest way to correct 'mistakes' made by the compiler is to edit the html file (that Dreamweaver has created) using Notepad. Just browse through looking for all the <A HREF="d:\mypics\mypics.jpg"> (or whatever) and change them to read <A HREF="\Images\mypics.jpg"> Then upload the edited file(s) to your server.

If you still have a problem, you can post the address of your web site here, and others will be able to look into the code and maybe see what's wrong.

  IClaudio 15:35 20 Apr 2004

is with 'the compiler'. If you use the 'Put' function (under the 'Site' menu), Dreamweaver will 'put' your entire site up to your space, using its built-in ftp. If you do it this way, then the links should all remain as you originally intended. And it's a lot less mistake-prone than doing it all by hand.

  stlucia 12:36 21 Apr 2004

You're right, IClaudio, if the 'put' function (I'm not familiar with Dreamweaver) does the job it's better than manually correcting the code. But I had to resort to manual coding when FrontPage regularly changed my references from "mypic.jpg" to "e:/picturefile/mypic.jpg" (never did find out why) and, thus, made them invalid when I uploaded them.

Anyway, back to the problem: If it isn't solved, bassfreeker, let us know your web site address so we can have a look.

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