How do I Upgrade ram?

  jake2 16:27 06 Aug 2005

I have an "Asus A7A266" Motherboard. It has 2 184 pin DDR DIMM slots which have 2 x 512 DDR cards installed at the moment.
The manual states that the maximum DDR memory that can be supported is 2gb (2x1gb)
How far should I go? I was thinking of 2x512 then noticed that it is possible to have 2x1gb.
How do I know what type of memory to buy? a
Any idea of costs?
And lastly what noticeably difference will it make?
I upgraded the processor to the maximum the mobo will take (ATHLON2400XP)I was then advised to look at increasing RAM, Then think about a bigger hard drive, but one thing at a time!!!

  ICF 16:31 06 Aug 2005

Use the crucial memory advisorclick here

  dagwoood 16:34 06 Aug 2005

Jake2, according to this click here your motherboard supports pc2700 RAM.

As to the amount of RAM, it depends on what you use your system for. 1GB is ample for normal computing. You would only need more than 1GB if you're into image editing/manipulation or you play the very latest games. This is assuming your on XP.

  jake2 16:37 06 Aug 2005

Cheers ICF That clears most of that up! Recommended 512mb module at £45.81 each. If I did upgrade the modules from 2 x 256 to 2 x 512 How much difference would that make? Would I notice anything?
Also how is this done? Is it just like changing a pci card? or is there more to it than that?

  ICF 16:42 06 Aug 2005

What do you use your system for? Read Dagwood's post

It's simple to change memory like you said it's like changing a pci card and it clips in place.Don't forget anti static precautions.

  jake2 16:48 06 Aug 2005

Seems that 1GB would do for me I play games on the pc occaisionaly but nothing heavy. I did notice nfsu2 didnt look too good so I upgraded my graphics card a while back. What would be different if I added another 512mb of ram? Would programs run faster? would games play better? would sound be any better? What actual difference would it make?

  palinka 16:54 06 Aug 2005

Use Belarc click here to find out what is possible, then Crucial (via a link from Belarc) to check on the cost. If it's OK I'd then buy from Crucial; their service is excellent.

  DieSse 19:56 06 Aug 2005

It might make a difference - it might make no difference.

1Gb is plenty for most useage - I've never had more than 512Mb and there is nothing my 2.4GHz P4 can't do at plenty enough speed for me. (No games here tho').

There is NO hard and fast rule - it all depends what you are wanting to do.

  Dorsai 20:03 06 Aug 2005

I would not bother.

1Gig for home use is already overkill...

I have 2 PC's, one XP home, and one XP pro. This one (home) has 1GB (one stick), and it is far more than needed.

The other PC has 3*512(1.5gig) , and it's only in it because I bought it, so fitted it. I could have got away with [email protected] in both. But ram is so cheap I went overboard.

Unlless you are into editing huge images, or video, or a hard core gamer, when it becomes a different story, and one I have not read.

IMHO. :-)

  jake2 21:19 06 Aug 2005

thanks for the info, I like tweaking the pc to see how much I can get out of it! Without going into overclocking (yet)
Thanks again.

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