how do I upgrade to 64bit

  confusedtechnophobe 20:34 09 Dec 2014

Hi all, please bare with me as I'm new on here and not techno minded at all. I purchased a computer for my son last christmas for gaming purposes, and it came with a 32 bit? This year of course most of the new games a 64 bit? Please can someone help me as to how I go about changing it. I have the windows 7 disc service pack 1 if this is relevant... I seriously need to get this sorted before Christmas...I have just purchased 2 x 2 gig of Ram to update the memory. Many thanks from a frustrated technophobe mother?

  alanrwood 20:50 09 Dec 2014

If you bought the Windows disks retail you should have both 32 and 64 bit versions on separate disks. To convert to 64 bit you will need to do a complete re-install of Windows from the 64 bit disk.

  SparkyJack 09:51 10 Dec 2014

Upgrading a 32 bit to 64 bit is not possible . It is the actual CPU and associated chips which make a machine 64 bit.

However a 64 bit machine will run 32 bit programs.

Since you say the current machine was purchased only 12 months ago,I this most likely to be 64 bit system.

So you perhaps you have no problem.

This we could determined if you tell is make/module of the existing machine

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