How do I update my wireless LAN driver

  Halmer 21:54 22 Jan 2010

I keep losing the connection on an old laptop that I have (XP). I know that it's not the router because all other laptops work fine off it.

I'm wondering if updating the wireless driver might sort it but don't actually know how to find out the card manufacturer and where I get the latest driver from.

Can anyone advise please?



  ame 22:00 22 Jan 2010

Try belarc advisor to see what's inside your laptop click here Safe and free.

  Halmer 22:26 22 Jan 2010

but that just seems to tell me that it is a 802.11b nothing else.

  bremner 22:38 22 Jan 2010

If you go into Device Manager and look under Network adapters.

Look for the 802.11b entry and it may give additional details.

If not right click on it and choose properties. Then look under Driver for the driver details.

The problem may be the fact that the Wireless card is the old 801.11b which only has a maximum data throughput of 11Mbps which in realtity will be no greater than 5Mbps whilst the later 802.11g or n which you probably have in your other machines provides much higher and efficient throughput.

  ame 22:58 22 Jan 2010

If you know the make and model of laptop, the manufacturer's support site will probably tell you what's in it. Depending on how old it is, you may be able to add a newer wireless G card/adapter.

  sunnystaines 13:55 23 Jan 2010

as ame said goto manufactourers web and download the latest driver, if it is realtek they update their drivers on a regular basis.

  Halmer 13:57 23 Jan 2010

and the one that I have is the latest (2004!).

Seems OK sometimes but others drops every five minutes or so.

Have switched it from Windows controlled to SIS software controlled to see if that helps.

  retep888 14:05 23 Jan 2010

What XP Service Pack are you on?

It's normally better to let Windows handle the wireless network setting.

  Halmer 17:57 23 Jan 2010


  100andthirty 08:04 24 Jan 2010

in my experience, the older the wireless adaptor (whether built in or seperate), the less sensitive it is. This is not always true but a goor "rule of thumb". 801.11b adaptors are quite old these days

I imagine all your other computers are 801.11g.

Does it work better if closer to the router.

what router do you have? If it's a b/g/n model, you might get an improvement if you set it to b/g only. This is sometimes recommeneded for BT Home Hub V2 which are b/g/n

  bremner 10:01 24 Jan 2010

You could consider buying a USB g/n adapter. They are not very expensive click here

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