how do i update my drivers??

  sanilash 16:11 29 Feb 2012

i just scaned my computer with the driver detective.. the result showed, 51 out of date drivers 4 devices with no driver installed now what do i do?? hw do i update my drivers and install drivers for my device??? and yea i run on windows xp??

thanks in advance:)

  Nontek 16:25 29 Feb 2012

I would not advise you to update any drivers unless you were having problems with any particular item - I would only update drivers for such problematic items.

Updating drivers is not always best thing to do!

  birdface 16:44 29 Feb 2012

I have seen worse reviews but cannot remember when.,.html

  onthelimit1 16:51 29 Feb 2012

As Nontek says, if it aint broke, don't fix it! If you really have to think about updating, Slimdrivers free will allow you to update - usually from the hardware manufacturer's website.

  Woolwell 17:01 29 Feb 2012

With many, if not all, of these driver finder programs snake oil comes to mind.

  Diemmess 17:32 29 Feb 2012

"the result showed, 51 out of date drivers 4 devices with no driver installed"

Probably of the 51 drivers out of date none is needed, leave everything alone unless challenged by the software to update in order to make that program or hardware more useful or less troubled by malware.

Of the 4 where no driver has been installed, there either the gizmo is no longer used or XP has found a good driver from within. XP has a huge number of its own, excellent in its time.

  Ian in Northampton 17:41 29 Feb 2012

Let me reinforce the advice the others have wisely given. DON'T! My car is out of date, but it gives me no problems - so why would I change it? My TV is five years old but I can still watch programs - so why would I update it? So if the drivers you have are all working fine - why would you mess with them?

As the others have said: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Updating drivers to the latest revision MAY solve driver-related problems. It MAY give better performance. It MAY add new functionality.

And; it MAY create an unstable - or even broken - system.

If you have a problem that you believe is caused by a specific driver, then by all means look at the possibility of updating that driver, ideally from the manufacturer's web site.

So far as the devices that allegedly have no drivers installed - do you know what those are? Is there something your PC should be doing that it's not - like displaying graphics, making sound, connecting to the Internet? If you have one of those problems, by all means look to resolve it by locating and installing the correct driver.

But: the chances are, those devices that have no drivers have no drivers because your system doesn't need/use them.

Final lesson, as well pointed out by buteman: before randomly downloading and installing some piece of software just because it looks like it's free and it's cool, check out the reviews. Personally, I hugely mistrust all of the 'scan your system for errors now' offers that regularly pop up on sites. Unfortunately - and I mean this in the kindest possible way - they rely on people's ignorance.

  KRONOS the First 18:51 29 Feb 2012

It is only necessary to update drivers if A) you are having problems with some part of your PC or B) the update adds something which will enhance the performance of the particular component.

Stay away from these driver update software program's along with registry cleaners, two bit of software that will often cause more harm than good.

  robin_x 19:08 29 Feb 2012

DriverMax is one program I would recommend since it provides a simple way to backup and restore all your existing drivers, so you can keep them on CD or Flash.

This can be useful when trying new drivers and find the roll-back function doesn't work, say, or when re-installing Windows and not wanting default drivers.


The free version of DriverMax also allows two free driver updates per day.

This is something I have never used and have no intention of using, in agreement with above posts.

  MAJ 21:23 29 Feb 2012

Drivermax, Driver Detective and their like........... Put them in the bin.

  iscanut 21:31 29 Feb 2012

Can I just add my advice to all the others....DONT DONT DONT

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