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How do I update Intel Driver

  OLDJACK 14:08 18 Oct 2011

I usually manage to update most drivers with relative ease ,but I found that some of my laptop intel chipset drivers were out of date. Tried the Intel site ,checked using chipset driver check then downloaded the update utility which I believed gave me a file called "infinst_autol " I ran this it seemed to extract a number of files ( not sure where to??") but nothing seems to be updated. What am I doing wrong? XP sp3 32 bit

  onthelimit1 14:40 18 Oct 2011

My only comment would be, why update anything that's working OK?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 18 Oct 2011

You need to run the extracted files.

What program are you using to extract the files?

  OLDJACK 15:39 18 Oct 2011

well onthelimit1 I've always believed that updating drivers tend to eliminate future problems ,but each to his own. Fruit Bat the file I mentioned self extracts it's titled Intel Chipset Device Installer vers If I could find the extracted files then perhaps I could run them.

  onthelimit1 16:34 18 Oct 2011

You could always try Slimdrivers - a freebie that usually downloads the manufacturer's own drivers without any need to extract from .rar or whatever. I've used it on a lot of reinstalls, and it works very well.

  sunnystaines 17:00 18 Oct 2011

make a folder on your desktop then extract files to this folder, after this has completed open the desktop folder and find the setup file in the list and click on it it should then auto install.

afterwards delete the folder or save it on disc in case needed again

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