How do I Unpin skype from task bar ?

  Furkin 10:06 15 Aug 2013

Hi all,

How do I Unpin Skype from my task bar ?

When I say UN-pin – I didn’t actually Pin it at all.

It appears every time I turn the machine on. It only started recently – I think after a skype update (20/07/13).
More importantly: It impedes the turning off routine.

I have obviously looked through Skype settings, but I can’t see where or how to stop it.

I don’t want to uninstall it completely, as it will swallow my cash balance & stop sending me messages when it intend to do so.

Any ideas please ?


  Border View 10:24 15 Aug 2013

Right click on the Skype icon and then click on quit Skype. Should work.

  Furkin 10:43 15 Aug 2013

Thanks BV:

but, as in my OP, it just comes back every time the machine is turned on.

  Woolwell 11:14 15 Aug 2013

If you are using Windows 7 then right click and choose "unpin this program from taskbar".

If you don't want Skype to start with the pc then you need to open Skype and go to Options - general settings and untick the box "Start Skype when I start Windows".

  Ian in Northampton 11:51 15 Aug 2013

Or if you're using XP, right click on the task bar, click on 'unlock the task bar', right click on the Skype icon and delete it, then right click again on the task bar and click 'lock the task bar'. Skype will still be available from the programs list, but the icon will no longer be on your task bar.

  iscanut 11:56 15 Aug 2013

Woolwell solution is the correct one ! Works for me.

  Furkin 02:22 16 Aug 2013

Thanks guys,

I can't "UN-PIN" it,,,, cos it ain't PINNED.

The normal option is only 'pin to task bar',,,, as though it isn't pinned.

There is no option to unpin.

WW: cheers. I'd thought i'd been through the skype settings with a fine tooth comb (not that I need much of a comb !?) but I obviously missed that, very important, bit. Have un-ticked it,,,, so see what tomorrow brings.

thanks again

  wiz-king 07:55 16 Aug 2013

Just click 'pin to task bar' twice

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