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How do I unlock a 3G O2 Iphone?

  Bailey08787 17:21 04 Feb 2010


I've bought a secondhand Iphone off ebay that is locked to O2. I wish to use the Iphone using an Orange pay monthly SIM card, therefore I need to unlock the Iphone.

I understand that O2 have an unlocking service click here however I presume this is for someone who is already on O2 - as it asks for the mobile number (or would this work if I provided the Orange number I plan to use in the Iphone?)

Anyway, I'm looking for advice on how to go about unlocking the Iphone. It's on software version 3.0. I'd prefer to avoid having to jailbreak it if possible.


  bremner 17:28 04 Feb 2010

There is no legit way to unlock an iPhone.

It can be done and it is known as "jailbreaking"click here

  Bailey08787 09:23 05 Feb 2010

I already own an iphone with an O2 sim in it - I've requested it be unlocked and am waiting for 02 to do it.

I wander if I can switch my sim card to the other Iphone and go through the unlocking process, but quoting the same O2 tel number - or whether that may screw up the original unlocking procedure

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