How do I uninstall NTL broadband?

  cdb 19:12 05 Oct 2004

I installed it on a friends laptop while I was sorting a problem for him, to enable me to connect to the internet. Now I've finished, how do I uninstall the usb modem? It disappears when you pull the usb cable out, but surely if he got hold of another modem, he'd be able to connect it up, set it to LAN and connect with my login/password which I can't find to delete.

Windows XP
Thanx in advance

  cdb 20:06 05 Oct 2004


  feb 20:22 05 Oct 2004

Hi cdb, try this; Right click my computer, click properties>hardware>device manager, find the device and uninstall it.

  cdb 21:01 05 Oct 2004

I tried that and it uninstalls, but as soon as you reconnect it, it reinstalled along with the connectivity from my password and user name :-S

  sandyback 21:38 05 Oct 2004

make sure you have disconected your ntl broadband
modem,before you uninstall the software

  cdb 22:12 05 Oct 2004

There doesn't appear to be any software unless I'm missing it. :( Just the usb (auto detecting)modem

  feb 22:23 05 Oct 2004

did you tell the pc to remember your password?

  cdb 22:26 05 Oct 2004

It never gave me that option, it only asked for it as part of the install and I can't find it anywhere to delete it:(

  feb 22:32 05 Oct 2004

How about this click here

  cdb 22:45 05 Oct 2004

I'd try that, but am I going to erase all his passwords and cause alot of problems?

  Tim1964 23:25 05 Oct 2004

You could change your password for NTL (on your PC) to something else, then the password on his PC won't work.

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