How do I undo a dual boot setup

  gazza38 23:26 21 Jun 2006

I installed Vista to the second (D) of my three internal HDD.Upon a reboot I was automatically given the choice of which operating system to boot from, earlier version of windows (XP) or windows (Vista).
I had too many problems with Vista and decided to get rid of it.I reformatted drive (D),but upon each reboot I am still asked to choose which operating system to boot from.
How can I make this stop and just boot straight to XP ?
I had a nose around in the bios but can't see any options to stop this.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:44 21 Jun 2006

Start - run - type msconfig - press ok.

click on boot.ini tab, then check all boot paths. click ok.

should boot to XP ok next time.

  1832bchs 00:04 22 Jun 2006

I had the same problem and the only thing that worked was to boot from the Windows CD, opt to repair using recovery console and then run fixboot and fixmbr.

  De Marcus™ 00:06 22 Jun 2006

That was a bit drastic, Fruit Bat /\0/\'s method would have done the trick or a bit of editing of the boot.ini file.

  gazza38 00:24 22 Jun 2006

Thanks for the replies.
I did as you suggested Fruit Bat,but it didn't work.
Under the General tab of msconfig i checked the use original boot ini, but this didn't work either.
I did notice a message on the boot ini tab saying to use BCDEDIT.exe to modify Vista boot options.I typed it into Run and nothing was found, did a search and still nothing was found.
Tried a system restore before Vista was installed and this made no difference either.
What can I try next.

  mgmcc 08:35 22 Jun 2006

<<< I did as you suggested Fruit Bat,but it didn't work. >>>

No, it won't work. Vista *DOESN'T* add an additional entry to XP's Boot.ini file, it adds several files to the XP partition, including a Boot manager. Screenshot of my XP partition "after" and "before" installing Vista click here

The "BCDEDIT.exe" file is in the System32 folder of the VISTA partition, it runs in a Command Prompt window, but doesn't seem to be editable.

I *believe* to uninstall a dual boot of Vista , you need to delete Vista's partition, remove the additional files added to the XP partition, boot with the Windows XP CD and, from the Repair Console, run the FIXMBR and FIXBOOT commands.

  gazza38 10:32 22 Jun 2006

I used acronis to restore my C drive from an image created before Vista.It worked and now my PC boots straight into XP.
Thanks for all the responses.

  sunny staines 14:57 22 Jun 2006


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