How do I un-knit a Network

  wee eddie 16:45 01 Sep 2004

This will probably prove obvious once someone has explained to me how it is done.

My business is shortly to close and I have a PC (IBM Aptiva K500 W98se) and a Laptop (Advent 7007, WinXP etcetera). The PC, less certain critical information, is being purchased by the new owners.

I am taking the laptop with me.

I am not worried about the PC, that's their problem.

How do I removed the "Shared" status from the M$ Office folders and Outlook on my Laptop?

  recap 16:50 01 Sep 2004

Right click the appropriate icon and select sharing.../sharing (tab)/Do not share this folder

  wee eddie 05:48 02 Sep 2004

Do I not have to make adjustments on the Control Panel under Network Connections

  Forum Editor 07:19 02 Sep 2004

If you want to disable the current shared status of a drive or folder just do what recap says.

Unless your laptop is connected to a network the status of the folders doesn't matter anyway.

  wee eddie 09:47 02 Sep 2004

must lie elsewhere.

Basically, if I copy and paste the Outlook.pst file from the PC that was Networked into the Account on my laptop that was networked. It doesn't update.

If I paste exactly the same copy of Outlook.pst into another Account on my Laptop, it updates Outlook as expected to the items that were on the PC.

In other words I am stuck with the Outlook.pst file that was present when I closed the Network.

Maybe I asked the wrong question.

  recap 12:18 02 Sep 2004

Try File/Export then select either Address book or messages.

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