How do I turn off italics in Thunderbird?

  thumbscrew 21:00 10 May 2018

I've just composed an email in Thunderbird, changed to italics for one sentence and now I can't revert to normal keeps changing back to italics. Can anyone help please?

  lotvic 17:43 13 May 2018

Do you mean that when you click on the A again to deselect italics to go back to ordinary it doesn't deselect?

  wiganken2 18:32 13 May 2018

Do you have the latest version of TB? v52.7.0 (32-bit). Also if clicking on the italic A symbol doesn't work have you tried the shortcut key instead? Ctrl+i to switch italics on or off?

  difarn 18:51 13 May 2018

I use Thunderbird. For me, as lotvic says above, clicking on italics to write something can then be changed back to normal text by clicking on the italics symbol again.

  AroundAgain 20:11 13 May 2018

Yes, I use Tb too ;)

Are you moving the cursor to where you want to start typing again, BEFORE clicking on A (Italics, not bold), then start typing?

  thumbscrew 21:26 13 May 2018

Thanks very much lotvi, wiganken, difarm and AroundAgain. Taken up wiganken's control suggestion and that did the trick. Thanks again.

  wiganken2 09:26 14 May 2018

Glad it worked.

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