How do I transfer some folders from external HD to a DVD RW In Windows 8

  planetjupiter 16:48 24 Jun 2014

A relative has files on an external hard drive that she wants to use for Ancestry/Family Tree use. All the files have D;/ paths but as she has a new PC with a DVD drive the external drive has now become E:/ Her files are therefore not being recognized. The files were created in XP and she and I have no experience with Windows 8. Is there a way of renaming the DVD drive to F: from D: And renaming the external drive to D:/ Of course we would then need to make the DVD drive E:

Alternatively how do we transfer her files from the external drive onto a dvd disk and then use them from the DVD drive?

AQs we are both only basic users any suggestions would need to be expressed step by step in simple terms!!!

Can anyone help please?

  BRYNIT 22:14 24 Jun 2014

Having a different drive letter on an external drive will not make a difference. You say the files are not being recognized but you do not say what program you are using to view these files.

When your relative used Windows XP what program did they use to create these files? are you using the same program on windows 8.

  planetjupiter 14:47 27 Jun 2014

Family Tree Maker

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