How do I transfer files/applications/software

  cockneyboy 23:45 11 Jun 2010

Hi hope someone can help me with what might be a daft question. I have 2 pc's one with a sata 750 gb hard drive with vista installed - the other is ide 250gb with windows 7 installed. Basically I want to swap the hard drives over and put everything on the IDE 250 gb onto the SATA 750 gb and vice versa without losing any files/docs.

Is it as simple as putting the hard drives into one computer and copying over the files or is there more to it than that. I have alot of saved files etc that I dont want to lose.

Many thanks

  gengiscant 08:11 12 Jun 2010

I just want to confirm.
You want to swap everything,including operating system around, so Vista etc goes on the 250Gb drive and Windows 7 etc goes on the 750Gb drive?

  cockneyboy 10:18 12 Jun 2010

Hi - Yes that correct - I want to swap operating systems and everything

  gengiscant 10:40 12 Jun 2010

If you only have two harddrives this will be impossible I believe.

You could buy a third drive and then copy all your personal stuff from both drives onto it.
Install windows 7 on the 750Gb drive and Vista on the 250Gb drive, making sure you get all updates and have the drivers for your motherboard, graphics card etc.
Use this to make installing a lot of popular software very easy, click here You can then copy your personal stuff back to where you want it. You then have a handy spare harddrive for backup.

This process will take a while but perhaps someone else can think of another simpler way to do what you want.

  bremner 11:41 12 Jun 2010

You could do this using Acronis True Image click here and a third hard drive.

Create Back ups of both drives onto the the new hard drive.

Then recover each back onto the others hard drive.

  bremner 14:12 12 Jun 2010

Another thread ticked as resolved with no explanation!

  onthelimit 14:18 12 Jun 2010

That is a brilliant site, thanks.

  birdface 11:00 15 Jun 2010

Just wondered how it would go if changing over would you still be able to get Microsoft updates.
As you would then have the wrong product on the wrong computer.

  birdface 15:15 15 Jun 2010

Ignore last.
Read the problem wrongly.

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