How do i transfer a DVD to my computer

  Uboat 14:45 16 May 2010

Simplicity is vacant today people lol
Can you help me please i want to store a dvd on my computer and i dont know how to do this do you have any ideas? ive tried to put the dvd in to my computer then click on my computer right click on the little dvd icon then copy and paste in on to my computer hard drive, when I put the dvd in to the computer it should pop up and ask I what u want to do.i.e play/copy etc but nothing happens.? im running on Windows 7 (64 bit)

  jimv7 14:51 16 May 2010

open the dvd with explorer, highlight all the files, copy then paste to your chosen folder.

  Uboat 15:15 16 May 2010

jimv7 how do i open a dvd with explorer.? never knew you could.?

  kidsis 16:03 16 May 2010

in the tree in your left hand side, is there a little plus sign next to the dvd drive? if so click on it and see if all the files show up?

  jimv7 17:34 16 May 2010

Double click my computer, right click on the dvd drive chose open or explore, all the dvd files will be shown. Then copy all and paste into your preferred folder.

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