how do I test the fan on my old 256 geforce ?

  SANAP 19:42 12 Nov 2004

I want to be sure that it is the fan on my geforce 256 that is kaput, I looked at card while in PC with PC switched on and fan was not spinning but I know I have lost power to my usb ports as well so I was thinking maybe the fan is ok and just getting no power!

It takes 1.5 volts but how I get 1,5 volts to fan contacts? Is it a gadget I can get in ARGOS?

I know very little about workings of pc but learning fast the hard way. Can I take it the power comes from AGP slot and if that was knackered then my new card would not work either?


  howard60 19:54 12 Nov 2004

power loss at usb ports could indicate that the main power supply is dying. The way that most of us test is to use another pc to substitute parts into. If your card works ok in another pc you know it is the slot and the power supply is suspect. As a suggestion try unplugging the power supply from the motherboard and then plugging it back in - they sometimes move just slightly losing the connection to just 1 part.

  SANAP 20:01 12 Nov 2004

i have another pc but it is an xp and a bit worried about buggering it up, can I just plug the agp card into a pci slot? Or does it have to be a AGP slot? If u know what I mean.

Ahem, where do I find the bit to unplug psu from motherboard? and thinking ahead if the psu is on the way out is it easy to get a replacment?

thanks for reply.


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