How do I stop a very irritating “blocked file download” message in Internet Explorer?

  Triprajul 09:10 16 Sep 2013


Very recently, whenever I use Internet Explorer, a very annoying message popped up and states the following:

“To help protect your computer, IE blocked this site from downloading files to our computer. Click here for more options.”

One of the options given is downloading and saving the file. I have done this, but it is useless. The same, very irritating message simply pops up again and again every time I use IE.

The message comes with the following information:

Name: get-user-id Type: Unknown File Type From: File Name: get-user-id (0 bytes)

I suspect, but I am definitely not sure, that IE is blocking some type of cookie. I have no objection to this if it is doing its job. However, I don’t want to be informed of this function repeatedly while I am using IE. I suspect that the problem might be my security settings, but, although, I have attempted to adjust them, the message above still pops up again and again.

Basically, can anyone suggest to me how I stop this message from popping over again and over again every time I use IE. Any information given is greatly appreciated. Please note that the message is especially irritating because it blocks part of my screen. My eyes at my age aren’t that strong so I need to see as much information on the screen as possible. Any unnecessary information means that I get to see less important information on my screen. Any information given is greatly appreciated.

  northumbria61 13:16 16 Sep 2013

In the internet options on the security tab. In the Internet Zone. Click on the custom level.

Now in this window. Scroll down where you see the Downloads.

Under which Automatic Prompting for file downloads which will be disabled by default Enable it and similarly under downloads option. Make sure that everything is enabled.

This can enable you to download the file which you require

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