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How do I stop Spam emails from Powervoter

  Hetti 09:03 16 Dec 2015

Over the last few week I have been receiving lots of spam for competition/insurance/credit cards etc, the mail has a Unsubscribe link but when I click it it I get "Unable to open http.//" other spam email has the word "powervoter" but the numbers at the end of the string are different. Anyone advise how I can stop these please?

  Hetti 09:05 16 Dec 2015

I forgot to say I have Kaspersky internet security but cant see any settings to set email preferences

  john bunyan 09:09 16 Dec 2015

Most e mail programmes have a Junk mail and blocked senders list. What e mail do you use? I have Office Outlook via Talk Talk. I usually start with looking at the Talk Talk webmail site and block , delete junk there so when I open my Office outlook on my PC, little junk comes in, and if it does I add it to the blocked senders list and delete it on my PC without opening it.

  wee eddie 09:14 16 Dec 2015

As John has said. Just tell your eMail Program, that it is Junk, and do not give it a moment's more thought.

  Hetti 09:17 16 Dec 2015

Update I have now found setting in Kaspersky to enable spam filtering...........Ill see how it goes

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