how do I stop this spam?

  bumpkin 19:15 15 Dec 2011

Hi everyone, I keep getting spammed by someone called "Eric Mitchell" How do I stop this? using Mozilla.


  bumpkin 19:27 15 Dec 2011

Hi, I am using Thunderbird, I want to block this sender and I should know to do it but I can`t. Ray

  bumpkin 20:07 15 Dec 2011

Thanks but can anyone give a simple answer?

  johnnyrocker 21:29 15 Dec 2011

block address?


  lotvic 21:44 15 Dec 2011

You could log on to your mail server and mark the emails as Spam or in Thunderbird put sender on Blacklist

Message Filters has option to mark mail as "Junk"

  bumpkin 22:22 15 Dec 2011

Hi, thanks to all for your replies. I am going to try woolwells suggestion first but I won`t know for a while if the spam has stopped. Will feed back either way. Ray

  bumpkin 19:29 16 Dec 2011

Thanks to all for your help now sorted.


  Terry Brown 20:01 16 Dec 2011

Unless you have a massive contact list, the option I use is create filters for the people I want to recieve emails from and leave the rest in the inbox.

That way you can straight to the email you want, have a quick look at the inbox in case anything interesting has turned up .Move to a folder called (e.g. To be checked) and delete the rest


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