laptopdunce 09:34 08 Jun 2015

I have a Samsung ML-1640 printer attached to my Acer laptop, it has developed an annoying feature of putting a page number at the bottom of each page recently, ie. 1, 2 etc., on each printed page, I am sure I didnt set it to do this, how can I stop it printing a number at the bottom of each page? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  compumac 10:39 08 Jun 2015

Try page set up.

  wee eddie 11:34 08 Jun 2015

Are you sure it's not your Word Processor that's doing it?

  laptopdunce 13:50 08 Jun 2015

i don't know it only prints the page number when printing things like barding passes but doesn't do it if I print something from my docs folder. do I go into printing preferences or somewhere on the laptops control panel? thanks Laptopdunce - trying to get used to this new website! so many people say where do I log on? why do these idiots keep farting about and making these sites 1000%worse??? eBay is just the same! bloody horrible!!!

  laptopdunce 19:32 08 Jun 2015

WeeEddie, I think youre right, I think it is the WP part that is causing this problem, how can I fix that, I am using wordpad mainly for writing things and then it prints the number at the bottom of the page, thanks, LAPTOPDUNCE PS: this new site is rubbish!! cant find "my posts" anywhere until you are actually INTO the tech help forum and only then does it show "my posts" - there was a tab at the top before DIRECTLY into "my posts" also I can only log into this site using an IE browser, the google browser wont open the icons for logging in with your email address. WHY OGH WHY do they keep buggering up all these websites!! EBAY is BY FAR the worst!!! loads of useless crap and IMPOSSIBLE to get the the salient most used parts.

  laptopdunce 19:34 08 Jun 2015

PS!! GOT IT!!! it was "page count" that was ticked in the wordpad which was what was causing the page number to appear on the print - Thanks laptopdunce

  wee eddie 21:55 11 Jun 2015

Can I have a coconut!

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