How do I stop new emails opening full screen?

  panhandle 13:39 27 Jan 2004

I can be typing away, usually an email - I have to look at keyboard most of the time - then when I glance at screen a new incoming email has opened full screen. When I delete/close it I have lost whatever I typed since it arrived.
The new message is overriding everything. Am on XP Pro/IE6/Outlook [not express].
I cant see anything in tools/options/mail format etc that relates to that happening.
I do have preview pane open. I have Word as my email editor.
Ideas gratefully received. Thanks

  Big Elf 14:24 27 Jan 2004

It would be a good idea to turn off the preview pane on your inbox at least. I've read that some virus can be activated simply by opening in there. I'm not sure why you're losing your text though.

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