How do I stop Microsoft Word 2010

  wee eddie 19:57 26 Mar 2019

re-dating old letters when I revisit them. It is extremely frustrating, as I then have to look in Properties for the date I wrote it.

However I don't really wish to stop the current date being put into the letter that I am writing

  lotvic 22:19 26 Mar 2019

Problem: When I open Letters/Documents the date changes automatically and shows today’s date. I want them to retain the date they were created.

Answer: To retain the dates letters were written, turn off automatic update on opening documents. The date updates each time document is opened because it is a DATE field, which always provides the current system date. You need a different field, the CREATEDATE field, which is updated once, when you create the document, and then stays the same forever after. For existing Documents** made from a template with a DATE field or Document with DATE field made via Insert, Date & Time (if box is ticked for automatically update it turns the inserted Date into a Date field) : To change your DATE field to a CREATEDATE field, Press Alt+F9 to display the field code thus: {DATE\@"dd mmmm yyyy"} Type CREATE before DATE thus: {CREATEDATE\@"dd mmmm yyyy"} Press Alt+F9 to toggle back Press F9 to update (pressing F9 to update will make the date go back to when document was created) If you put a CREATEDATE field in a document template, the template itself will always display the date it was created, but when you create a new document based on the template, the document will display the date IT (the document) was created. **The nice thing about this is that the date that the document was created is stored within it at creation, so you can change a DATE field to CREATEDATE at any time to recover that original date even if the DATE field has updated to the current date. {DATE\@"dd mmmm yyyy"} will update to current date every time document is opened {CREATEDATE\@"dd mmmm yyyy"} will always show the date when the document was created and stays the same forever after. ~~~~~ Notes based on original source:

++++++++++++++++++++++ Extra notes: If the date is displayed in the header or footer, double-click the header or footer. Select the date. Press Ctrl+Shift+F9 to "unlink" the date field, i.e. to fix its value. There is also a PRINTDATE field for returning when the document was last printed and a SAVEDATE field for when the document was last saved. In most cases, one or more of those will provide whatever date you need.
click here

(sorry about the block - lack of paragraphs - copied and pasted from my tips folder and subjected to PCA's forum formatting LOL)

  wee eddie 22:40 26 Mar 2019

Tried pressing Alt+F9. There's a flashy and nothing happens

  lotvic 23:39 26 Mar 2019

Hmm, works for me. Perhaps it depends on original type of insert for the date. Try the tips for Word 2010 on ClickHere

  wee eddie 09:27 27 Mar 2019

Thanks - Will give them a try

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