How do I stop the little Pop-ups on this site?

  TonyV 19:40 05 Apr 2010

I find it very irritating when browsing through the Helproom pages on this site and I happen to cross some of the key words that are shown in green. Someting like "Excel" or "File Sharing" or "Windows" etc. and a pop-up appears usually from "Bing" or some other advertising gimmick telling me where I can get Excel etc!

Is there any settings that can stop this happening or is it something we have to live with?



  birdface 19:43 05 Apr 2010

IE7Pro Add-on If using I/E Make sure Ad-blocker is ticked and mini download manager is unticked.or Adblocker Plus if using Firefox.

  TonyV 19:48 05 Apr 2010

Perhaps I should have said, I am on XP SP3 and IE8. I do not have IE7Pro Add-on or Ad-blocker!

Does this mean that IE7Pro Add-on will not function with IE8?


  birdface 19:54 05 Apr 2010

No it means download and use IE7pro Add-on.

  birdface 19:56 05 Apr 2010

Or maybe use this.

click here

  TonyV 19:57 05 Apr 2010

Thanks very much. I will check with Google and see where I can download it from.

Will let you know how I get on.


  Terry Brown 20:05 05 Apr 2010

Don't you realise, that to geta 'FREE' service you need to have adverts, which pay per click to PCAdvisor.

Or you could have a choice, pay for the forum or lose it!.

  anniesboy 20:11 05 Apr 2010

Have a look here also,
click here

  TonyV 20:25 05 Apr 2010

Of course I realise that adverts are necessary and I have no problems with those wrapped around the pages, what I do object to are those that constantly pop-up when I traverse across the keywords.


  TonyV 20:36 05 Apr 2010

It has now been sorted by using buteman's link above to IE7Pro Add-on. This was also mentioned on your link as well. Thanks

Thanks for your help. They now do not pop-up!!



  six-h 23:38 05 Apr 2010

Just reading this thread has made me aware that those "keyword" roll-overs are no longer appearing on my machine!
Is it something I've done, or have they been discontinued?
I admit it was something of an artform whilst mousing around to try and dodge them but I didn't find them as intrusive as the "ticker" was.
I followed advice here to successfully stop that one, not sure if it's still active though!

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