How do I stop junk mail on my pc

  Nightmanager 01:34 07 Aug 2003

I am using freeserve as my ISP and after visiting various internet sites, now find that I am receiving loads of unwanted e-mails. How do I stop all this unwanted attention. Please help.

Regards Greg

  Djohn 01:51 07 Aug 2003

Never reply to any of them, not even on the ones that say "Click here to be removed" That will only bring a lot more. You can bock each address as it arrives by putting it on your "Blocked list" in IE and there are one or two free programs that you can download to help you do this.

Click on the "Blue" downloads link at the top of this page, you will see the ones recommended by other forum users. Keep adding them to your list and slowly over a period of time they will reduce, but you will never stop all of them, its a thriving industry!. j :o(

  Pusherman 04:17 07 Aug 2003

If you want to take part in news groups, or other on-line activities that require you to submit an email address, is to use a 'throw away' address such as Hotmail or Yahoo. Only give your actual address to people you know and trust. If you are using Outlook Express as your email client you can automatically send any unwanted email straight to the deleted folder by using message rules, click; Tools > Message Rules > Mail. And delete all messages that contain 'How to attract the opposite sex' in the subject line (as an example).

Like DJohn says, you wont get rid of them all but over a period of time they will begin to diminish.

  expertec 09:45 07 Aug 2003

try SpamPal from click here

As above, once you start getting spam you will continue to receive it no matter what you do. Simply block and put up with it.

However, NEVER use your "Real" email address in newsgroups etc at least no without ammending it somehow to prevent automatic "Harvesting" of it. For example "Myname" etc is usually enough.

I posted some threads on a Microsoft news group concerning the Pockect PC and low and behold, some three months later I am getting 20 - 30 emails a day for everything from viagra to an extra 3 - 5 inches!!! (If I took them all up I dread to think what the results would be)!.

  Lú-tzé 10:21 07 Aug 2003

I would suggest the use of MailWasher which will delete the emails for you - only don't allow it to bounce mails. It works as a good filtering system for me. click here

  ribo 10:30 07 Aug 2003

Well Smiffy you may dread to think of the results. But what about me. I get about 8+ emails a day asking me to buy viagra. I am FEMALE!!!!!I use mailwasher to bounce them back but they still keep coming. J

  Jester2K II 10:33 07 Aug 2003

Don't bounce them - just delete

Some spammers know the servers that Mailwasher uses for bouncing and therefore knows it an active account.

Secondly if the return address is spoofed (fake) then its not going to get bounced back to the sender. It'll just add to all the other bandwidth stolen by spam and other rubbish on the internet.

Just delete them.

  xania 10:51 07 Aug 2003

Some of the spam is not only a nuisance (time wasted in downloading) but can be dangerous (viruses). Rather than use OE to download all this junk, go to click here to check all your e-mail first and delete it at source. Its free and fairly quick. This is not the only free service available - others also purport to include spam blocking but my experience is that they don't add much value,

  Stuartli 10:59 07 Aug 2003

If you use OE the critical point to remember is to disabled Preview Panel - otherwise even clicking to delete a virus infected e-mail can set it off.

The following should help (as given by Pipex):

To block messages from a sender or domain:

You can block messages from a particular sender or domain. The domain is the name following the @ symbol in an e-mail address. When you block a sender or domain, no e-mail or news message from that sender or domain will arrive in your Inbox or in the news messages you read.

E-mail from blocked senders goes directly into your Delete folder. Newsgroup messages from blocked senders are not displayed.

From your e-mail Inbox or the list of messages in a newsgroup, select a message from a sender you want to block.

On the Message menu, click Block Sender.

Notes: Blocking a sender applies to standard POP mail only. It does not apply to HTTP mail (Hotmail) or IMAP messages. To remove a name from the Blocked Senders list, click the Tools menu, point to Message Rules, and then click Blocked
Senders List.

Message Rules

Managing mail messages with rules When you have large volumes of incoming e-mail, Outlook Express can help you process it more efficiently. You can use rules in Outlook Express to automatically sort incoming messages into different folders, highlight certain messages in colour, utomatically reply to or forward certain messages and much more.

Create a rule for mail messages

On the Tools menu, point to Message Rules, and then click Mail.

Message rules cannot be created for IMAP or HTTP mail accounts.

If this is the first rule you are creating, proceed to step 3. Otherwise, on the Mail Rules tab, click New.

Select the conditions for your rule by selecting the desired check boxes in the Conditions section. (You must select at least one condition.)

You can specify multiple conditions for a single rule by clicking more than one check box. Click the and hyperlink in the Rule Description section to specify whether all of the rule conditions must be met before the specified action
occurs (and) or whether at least one must be met (or).

Select the actions for your rule by selecting the desired check boxes in the Actions section. (You must select at least one condition.)

Click the underlined hyperlinks in the Rule Description section to specify the conditions or actions for your rule.

You can click contains people or contains specific words in the Rule Description section to specify the people or words you'd like Outlook Express to look for in messages. If you enter multiple people or multiple words per condition, use the Options button in the Select People or Type Specific Words dialog boxes to further customize the condition.

In the Name of the rule box, select the default name, type a new name for your rule, and then click OK.

Notes: You can create a new rule by selecting an existing one on the Message Rules tab and clicking Copy. This is helpful when the new rule you want to create is similar to an existing one.

You can create a rule from a message by selecting a mail message in the main window and then on the Message menu clicking Create Rule from Message. This helps by automatically filling in the name of the person on the From line; no other information from the message, however, is entered into the rule.

  Icky 15:00 07 Aug 2003

Try email fltering from click here

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