How Do I Stop Diskeper Lite Running?

  corc2 11:46 29 Jul 2006

Hi there. I use Diskeeper Lite and think it is a good defragger. However, what annoys me about it is that it starts itself up to inform me on a daily basis what the fragmented states of my drives are. I can't find a way of stopping it. It is not listed on my start up list in msconfig, and I have set it to manual in the services part of admin tools inside control panel. There seem to be no obvious boxes within DK Lite to turn this option off.

Can someone please inform me how to stop it running?

It seems to happen at the worst possible times and one thing I dislike about software is when the software itself decides when it should be run, not me.

I have Win XP Home SP2.

Many thanks

  Gongoozler 12:00 29 Jul 2006

Hi corc2. Diskeeper Lite is much much better than the Windows 98 defragger, but I don't really find it much of an improvement on the defragger built into XP, so I didn't bother to install it when I made the change. It's designed to be annoying to encourage you to buy the full version.

When I have a program that starts itself at bootup I often find that it can be disabled via the startupp list in Regseeker click here.

You may also find that you can disable it via Control Panel - Administrative Tools - Services

  corc2 12:04 29 Jul 2006

Thanks, I will give it a try.

I have tried to stop it as you suggested via Control Panel, however, I am unsure if I need to reboot in order for those changes to take effect. I was not prompted to do so when I changed it so I shall also do that.

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