How do I share a photo

  scarecrow-bill 00:15 02 Feb 2010

How do I go about sharing a photo I have taken with this forum?
Thank you.

  GaT7 00:49 02 Feb 2010

Go to click here. Click on Browse, select the photo you want to share & click on Upload Now.

Once it completes the uplaod, it creates a direct link. Right-click this link & copy it, then paste it in the Message field alongwith your reply. G

  lotvic 00:49 02 Feb 2010

If it is a screenshot Press the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard. That will take an image of the screen and save it in the Clipboard. Open any graphics program, Paint for example, and go to Edit > Paste. That will paste the image into the graphics program. Save it (File > Save as) with an apt name.jpg to your desktop. Then go to click here and upload the image, then post the link, that Imageshack supplies to the image, in your next reply.

If it is already a .jpg photo on your pc upload the photo to imageshack then post the link, that Imageshack supplies.

(thanks to formumite MAJ, I copied most of above from one of your posts)

  Audio~~Chip 00:55 02 Feb 2010

question you are asking. What is the difference of just sending a picure via attachment to sharing. Are you saying you have a screen shot and want to send it via link ?

  lotvic 01:04 02 Feb 2010

I thought the question was regarding this forum and posting link to a picture.

It didn't seem like a question about emailing a picture or emailing a link.

Maybe I got it wrong.

  Audio~~Chip 01:09 02 Feb 2010

what is the definition of Sharing. Is it posting it on say facebook or Twitter for all to come allong and view or is its sending it via a website to another person?

  lotvic 01:18 02 Feb 2010

I dunno, I guess it means different things to different people.... and then again different websites have different ways. Like on here you can only post link to a picture.

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