how do i setup two pc,s on telewest broad band

  neo1 05:38 28 Jul 2005

hi ive got two pc,s and both running win xp ive been told all i need is a wireless router to connect both up the main pc is conecceted to broadband using surfboard sb4100 cable moden. thanks in advance

  BH34 12:06 28 Jul 2005

Will this help neo1 click here

  Taff36 14:38 28 Jul 2005

click here Seashanty`s link is worth reading

  mgmcc 12:21 29 Jul 2005

You don't need a WIRELESS router unless you particularly want one or both of the PCs to connect wirelessly.

With a basic router, run an ethernet cable from the router's WAN port to the Cable Modem and ethernet cables from the router's LAN ports to the two PCs. The router allocates LAN IP addresses to the networked PCs and it is the router that connects directly to Telewest.

Just be careful NOT to get a combined "Router/ADSL Modem" as these are not suitable for use with Cable Broadband.

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