How do I set PSP8 as default pic manager in XP?

  [email protected] 16:51 24 Feb 2005

When I load a camera memory card on to my PC (via card reader) the windows Scanner and camera wizard pops up. One option is to open photos directly into Adobe photo shop elements. I would like to change this to PSP 8. Hopw do I do this?I cannot seem to find my way around it (tried the Program access and default buttons but it isn't applicable to the camera wizard). As I haven't downloaded any camera software (currently running 4 off of the PC so stick to one card reader) I cannot change this in Scanners and Cameras in Control panel, as only my scanner shows up.
Any help much appreciated!

  ventanas 17:09 24 Feb 2005

Probably because Elements has got the jpg association. In PSP go File\Preferences\File Format Associations and place a tick against the jpeg-jiff option. Ok out of the box.

The see what happens.

  Camyaj 18:33 24 Feb 2005

Hi what I do is just open Psp select file>open then select your card reader (removable drive) and you should be able to browse all the images on the card.

  Alan2 18:44 24 Feb 2005

The following text applies to WinXP and I obtained it from the "Help and Support" function.

I hope it helps and that the formatting is readable.

To associate a file with a program
Open My Computer.
Double-click a drive or folder.
Right-click a file, and then click Open With. If Open With is not available, click Open.
Follow the instructions under the option that matches the dialogue box you see:
Open With--Recommended Programs list

Under Programs, click the program in which you want the file to open, or click Browse to locate the program you want.


Click the look for the appropriate program on the Web link to search the Web for a program to open your file.

Open With--No Recommended Programs list

Under Programs, click the program in which you want the file to open, or click Browse to locate the program you want. You can also type a comment that provides information about the file type. This information will appear in the folder window under Details when you view the file in a folder.


Click the look for the appropriate program on the Web link to search the Web for a program to open your file.

Cannot open this file

Windows cannot find a program to open the file. In the Cannot open this file dialogue box, do one of the following:

Click Use the Web service to find the appropriate program. This enables you to search the Web for the program that will open the file.


Click Select the program from a list to choose a program to open the file in the Open With dialogue box.


To open My Computer, click Start, and then click My Computer.
For some file types, you will right-click a file, point to Open With, and then click Choose Program.

To ensure that Windows always uses the same program to open the file, or any other file with the same file name extension, in the Open With dialogue box, select the Always use this program to open these files check box.

  [email protected] 21:53 24 Feb 2005

thanks will experiment tomorrow!

  Billp64 21:59 24 Feb 2005

In my pictures folder select a picture and right click, select open with, in new box click chose program, select paint shop pro and tick always open with this program.
Hope this helps.

  woodchip 22:06 24 Feb 2005

Select a pic press and hold Shift key, Right click the pic, now choose from list PSP or browse also click the box to "always open with"

  [email protected] 08:41 25 Feb 2005

Alan 2, thanks for your research, I will try but I'm not sure that the Camera and scanner wizard actually stands in my files as a program or a file, as in a sense it is an action?I have never seen wizards listed anywhere. Bill and Woodchip, the pics once saved do always open in PSP8 so that is selected. What currently happens is, I put in my camera card, the wizard opens, the wizard offers various things including, open to a new file, or open into Adobe Elements. If I am preparing pics for Ebay (for example) I open in a file, then click on the selected photos, which automatically opens them in PSP8 so that I can reduce and rotate etc.I would rather click "open in PSP8" on the wizard and cut out the file creation at that point.
It is the wizard that doesn't offer PSP8, all pic files normally do open in PSP8 as that is my default.
Off to try again !

  [email protected] 08:44 25 Feb 2005

Actually my question is badly phrased it shpould be:-
PSP8 is my default pic viewer in XP. When using the scanner and camera add pics wizard, it offers me the chance to open my pics in Adobe elements, how do I change that option to PSP8?

  Alan2 18:27 25 Feb 2005


Can you not just open PSP8 and browse to the connected camera, which is seen as a connected storage device, then just open whichever images you're interested in?

You would have to stop the camera's associated wizard from cutting in when you connect the camera.

I've just tried it and it works OK.

  [email protected] 23:08 25 Feb 2005

I don't connect the camera just the card, and the wizard opens instantly. I'll try looking for it as an "i"drive and see what happens!
It's one of those things where I thought that it would be simple to swap the adobe option for the PSP one- But it isn't!!

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