How do i set up a network on Mandrake 9.1

  [DELETED] 12:47 25 Aug 2003


Please Help, i am a linux newbie.

I have just managed to get my Linux mandrake pc (upstairs) on to the web through my Win XPpro computer (downstairs) NTL broadband 150k, but i cant seem to get the computers to see each other.

from the windows pc i can ping the linux and recieve a response, however i dont even know how to get a command prompt on linux...... i said i was a newbie to enable me to try to ping the other way (linux to win xp).

Where on earth do i start, my legs are getting tired from running up and down the stairs.

any help would be appreciated

p.s. i know i have asked before but since then i have managed to get the linux box on the web, but no network.

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