How do I set the multiplier ratio?

  Simsy 21:02 31 Jul 2003

Hi folks,

OK, after some problems that indicated the end of my mobo I've bought the bits for an upgrade....

Because budgeting was important,I've bought a "MSI KT2 Combo", which can accommodate my existing RAM, which works at 100mhz, and an Athlon 1.1Gig which has a fsb of 200mhz.

I've set a jumper on the mobo to an FSB setting of 100Mhz, but I can't find a way of setting the multiplier. The manual does refer to a core/bus ratio, but doesn't give a way of adjusting it...(and I have looked very hard... and there is nothing on the provided CD).

Does anyone know if I have to do anything or is it automatically sensed from the CPU?

There is a provided utility that enables overclocking, called "Fuzzy Logic", but this, obviously, can only be used when the system is up and running.

Any advice welcome, or I'll just have to connect up and see!

Thanks in anticipation,



  [DELETED] 21:16 31 Jul 2003

My new system detected the CPU wronly, I had to change somthing in the BIOS setup to tell the PC it was a faster CPU, I'm nto sure what it was called though, try browsing through all the settings in the BIOS if you havn't already.

  howard60 21:17 31 Jul 2003

why not go onto the mobo makers site and see what they have to say in frequently asked questions. The manual usually tells you what you must set and if it does not mention it the chances are it will do it automatically or you can set it from the bios.

  [DELETED] 21:37 31 Jul 2003

the multiplier on athlons is looked by AMD. just put it in the socket and as you already set the jumper for 200(100)mhz fsb everything will be ok.

  [DELETED] 21:48 31 Jul 2003

Socket A mobos normally ship preset to 100Mhz as default, in your case this is the maximum your memory/proc will support without overclocking.

whether you can overclock depends on your mobo, and also whether you are willing to risk frying your proc/mobo/memory for the sake of a few extra mhz speed.

this board supports up to an Athlon 2600 (266fsb), your best bet would be to replace your proc/memory to get the best speed.

if you feel you want to try overclocking then look in the bios.

i dont have your board so i cant say what to look for.

good luck

  Simsy 22:03 31 Jul 2003

I've just come back on after trying it out....

I wasn't looking to overclock.. just to get it right!

It seems goonerbill and Howard60 were right... it sussed it out automatically.

Well that's it for tonight.... more problems and questions tomorrow no doubt!

Thank you all



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