How do I secure my wireless network

  tasslehoff burrfoot 19:43 04 Apr 2005


I have a desktop and laptop connected wirelessly via a router.

When I set this up I did not give a thought to security, being more concerned about getting the things talking to each other first.

So, what do I now need to do secure my network?

I haven't a clue, so any help would be greatfully appreciated.

Many thanks


  gregsickle 20:32 04 Apr 2005

On the router configeration page - fire up your web browser and type in your ip address (usually on the bottom of the router) e.g and you should come to your router configeration page. Go to the security section and you should be able to enter a WEP key (usually 11 charecters long). This can then be entered into all of the pcs for them to comunicate securley. You may alternitavly be able to set a password which can then be entered into the pcs with the software that came with your Wi-Fi card. The advantage of this is it is easier to remember if you ever need to add/rekey a pc. However the disadvantage is that some software requires that you enter it in every time you turn the pc on.

  tasslehoff burrfoot 20:38 04 Apr 2005

I don't think I have an option to use a password with the software on either computer. Will setting a WEP key be sufficient?

Thanks for the advice so far.


  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:15 04 Apr 2005

I've taken a look at the security page of the router.

Under encryption, I have 6 options:

Disable (obviously don't want this)



802.1x WEP static key

WPA preshared key

WPA Radius

Do I just want WEP then? Or is one of the others better?



  selfbuild 21:29 04 Apr 2005

If the WiFi card in your PC supports it, use the WPA preshared key..... it's the best you get at the moment.

Also, if you have the option, hide your network by turning off the broadcast feature (or similar).

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:55 04 Apr 2005

in the system tray, select the wireless network and select properties, under data encryption the choices are disabled or WEP so I guess I can't use WPA. This is on my laptop using an 802.11b card.

I think I have a WPA option on the desktop, this has a 'g' card.

I assume I cannot set one to WPA and the other to WEP?

Also, in device manager on the laptop, under encryption, I have disabled 64 bit or 128 bit. It is currenlt set to disabled. Again, I assume I ought to set this to 128 bit as th first step, and duplicate this on the desktop?



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